The medical field has always been a leader in research and technology for treatment. Now, technology can enable your practice to improve its business process, reduce costs, and improve treatment in a way never thought possible.

By partnering with gloStream, we can offer you the amazing (and affordable!) gloEMR software, as well as custom hardware installation. We can bring your practice into the 21st century, and trust us--you'll never want to go back.

We distinguish ourselves from other companies by offering the complete package, affordably and locally--hardware, installation, setup, training, and support. We work one-on-one to ensure the highest level of satisfaction from day one to today.

Explore the information below, and contact us if you would like to learn more, schedule a demo, or if you are ready to join the many others who have found the SCS advantage with EMR software.

CCHIT Certified & Health Level 7 Compliant

Doctors discuss gloEMR (Microsoft Live 3-minute Video)

Overview of gloEMR Dashboard (5-Minute quick-tour)

At a glance:
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Old records scanned, quickly and easily
  • New records are born digital!
  • Tracks all aspects of your patients
  • Improves efficiency of your practice

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Basics of Electronic Medical Records

EMRs will change the way you look at patients. What if your patient chart was digital? gloEMR from Strategic Computer Solutions can help you do that and so much more. We can install the hardware and software, as well as train your staff. When we are done, every aspect of a patient is tracked electronically. Prescriptions, exams, history--all at your fingertips. In fact, many times the system automatically fills in the information for you based on data already entered in the system. It alerts you to avoid drug interaction conflicts, while also letting you dictate patient notes with your voice. Imagine the time, money, and effort we could save you!

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Benefits a glance:
  • Reduced costs (no more dictation service fees and no more paper!)
  • Improved efficiency (send a referral fax with a click)
  • Stay organized automatically
  • Automated intelligence
  • So much more!

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What are the benefits?

It's hard to list them all. How much money, time, and effort could you save if you never had to buy, store, organize, sort, and pull paper charts again? SCS and gloEMR can enable you to streamline your practice like you never thought possible. Automated dictation removes the overhead costs and time delay of a transcription service. Digital fax allows for the elimination of stationary, looking up phone numbers, or even waiting in line for the fax machine to become available. A few clicks, and you can send refferal letters, patient records, even prescriptions to anyone in your address book.

These are just some of the basic benefits of gloEMR and SCS. The best part is, we work one on one with your staff to customize the process and software to maximize your use while minimizing the change in your routine.

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